Vinny Tufano's 1929 Ford Pickup

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With MAMA's Mid-Atlantic NNL coming up in May of 2004, Vinny wanted to get a jump on the competition and complete his entry for the show's 50's Style Hot Rods theme. Though mostly built right from the box, Vinny still managed to expertly combine a few parts from other kits (kitbashing) with some aftermarket parts and a touch of his scratchbuilding expertise.

The engine compartment evinces the kitbashing with the flathead engine coming from Revell's '40 Ford convertible and the tri-carb setup from Monogram's 1930 Ford convertible kit. Vinny selected accurately represented headers from the Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland. The scratch built intake manifold is of Vinny's own design and construction. And the radiator hoses are bits of thick electrical wire that Vinny adapted to a new purpose.