Rich Wilson's replica of the Dana Chevrolet 1967 LeMans car

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Although Ford had their hands full competing with Ferrari at LeMans in 1967, they had to contend with Chevrolet as well. And Chevy came intending to win. Through Dana Chevrolet in California, Chevy entered a brand new L-88 427-cubic-inch 1967 Corvette Coupe. They brought in some heavy-hitters to drive; namely, Dick Guldstrand, Bob Bondurant, and Don Yenko. With a qualifying time of three minutes and 56 seconds the Corvette flat outran Ford's 289-powered GT350R Mustang, which qualified with a time of four minutes and 13 seconds. The Vette even reached a top speed of 171.5 mph with Gulstrand behind the wheel. Unfortunately about half-way into the 24 hours race, a factory-stock wrist pin (required by the rules) failed allowing a connecting rod to split the engine block in half. Despite this disaster the Corvette placed 27th, well ahead of the Mustang.