Zoli Honeczy's Dodge Li'l Hemi Express Truck

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When one hears the name, Zoltan Honeczy, one immediately thinks of large scratchbuilt fire apparatus depicting interesting and enourmous vehicles used in Maryland fire departments. But lately Zoli's been taking a break from the intense scratchbuilding efforts that have made him a legend and he's been turning out some killer street machines. One of the club's favorites is the Dodge Li'l Hemi Express presented here. This little P'up had lots of tongues wagging at the November 2004 meeting.

Surprisingly, the first thing you notice about Zoli's truck isn't the great big Hemi Cuda shaker scoop sticking out of the hood, or the deftly applied Tamiya Italian Red paint job so much as the fact that the front end is different from the way Dodge designed it. That difference comes from an AMT Dodge Challenger bumper and valence panel grafted in where the clunky factory truck bumper used to go. Plymouth Superbird wheels keep the truck looking factory while giving it custom flair, not an easy trick to pull off. Take a close look through that grille, that's right, Zoli opened the grille from behind for an added touch of realism.