Matt Guilfoyle's 1962 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle

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After some normal cleanup and preparation, Matt sprayed everything but the tank with Testor Boyd's High Gloss Black enamel paint. This served as a both the final color coat for the frame and as the basecoat for some Alclad-II chrome paint. That's right, all the "chrome" parts you see are painted with Alclad-II chrome. It's that good. Matt topped off the tires with a shot of dull coat and gave the seat a leathery sheen with an application of a little good, ol' nose oil. Mat wanted to give the motorcycle some visual "punch" to help it draw attention at swap meets. He did this by shooting House of Color magenta paint on the tank. While not a match for an actual factory color, it is representative of the kind of vibrant colors available in those days.