Pat Crittenden's Voodoo Child II

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Voodoo Child II is based on a "Krass and Bernie" cartoon by George Trosley in the December 1989 issue of CARtoons magazine. In that story, the lead characters are tasked by their boss to build a monster truck from an old body that had served in several different capacities over many decades and which had been cursed. Equipped with a small conversion plant to produce its own ethanol fuel, the cursed truck eventually began performing on its own, without a driver. Eventually, the voracious truck got out of control, sucking up garbage from dumpsters all over town to keep running. The only way it was stopped was when the local police shot it in the conversion plant and it blew up. At least that's the story Krass and Bernie told their boss after he ordered it destroyed. At he end of the cartoon, they are seen driving off in it.