The MAMA Logo Car by Lyle Willits

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As with the front end, the rear of the logo car is somewhat open to interpretation, leading Lyle to sink the license plate and added more fine pinstripes. But the bullet taillight lenses are clearly shown in the original illustration and Lyle sourced a full set from his parts box. The sunken "MAMA988" license plate commemorates MAMA's founding in September 1988 and a photoetched club logo plate from the Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland is proudly displayed on the rear bumper.

Lyle reshaped the bubble skirts that came in the Revell kit to replicate those on the logo car. The capped lakes pipes are highly polished aluminum items from the metal crafting shop of Bob Dudek. The pipes barely hover above the ground thanks to a mildly lowered suspension.

Using the larger of the two sets of tires provided in the kit, Lyle painted the side walls with Polly Scale White then stuffed them full of 1958 Cadillac wheel covers from the long-defunct SJS Resin company, with chrome bullets added to the centers.