Gordon Holsinger's 1957 Ferrari Testarossa

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This model is about as close to a box-stock build as Gordon gets. Like most modelers who've seen the kit, Gordon felt the front fender arches were too flat, so he re-contoured them with about .0025" more arch. He opened the fuel filler door and cooling vents. After fitting a piece of Detail Master photo-etched mesh in the grille opening, Gordon fitted two driving lamps (provided in the kit, but not intended to be used) to either side of the grille and a third lamp, taken from a second 250 TR kit, in the center of the grille. Gordon also found it necessary to place .0015" strip styrene re-inforcment behind the seam where the lower body sides are attached to prevent them cracking off while placing the body over the chassis. A noticable improvement in the car's visual depth is the Hasegawa photo-etched wire wheel set Gordon used to replace the kit's molded plastic wheels.