Ron Hamilton's 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T

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Intending to build this model in Replica Stock fashion, Ron replaced the stock front end and most of the missing pieces with resin replacement parts from The Modelhaus. Rather than use the original kit's dated chassis, Ron sourced the chassis and suspension from a modern AMT 1969 GTX Convertible kit.

This model was built to represent a 440 Magnum, 4-speed, Drag Pack car with very little optional equipment to get in the way. The interior is from the original kit, with the seats and door panels painted white, and the dash, floor and package shelf painted in contrasting black. The rolling stock consists of a set of Goodyear
Polyglas tires (to which Ron added red lines with a bow compass), a set of Chrysler "steelies" from a Jo-Han kit, and a set of correct 1969 Dodge "dog-dish" hubcaps from a Lindberg 1964 Dodge 330 2-Door Sedan.