Jerry Frazier's 1957 Ford Thunderbird Gasser

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Jerry started this build with an original 1969 issue kit that was mostly complete, save for the decals. He'd had this kit for several years wanting to build it as the box art car. When the Model King recently included the Thunderbird decal sheet in the GTO Funny Car kit reissue, Jerry snapped one up and went to work.

The majority of the model is built right from the box, including the injected 427 Cammer engine. Jerry did make a few small changes. Most obvious is the addition of the moon tank to the front grille. More subtle is the swapped out headers and taller front springs. One thing Jerry didn't change was the red taillight lens with chrome trim rings that are distinctive to this early issue. Sadly, the trim rings, straight axle, ladder bars, and 427 Cammer engine were all omitted from later reissues.