Tom Faletti's 1973 Chevrolet Camaro Stock Car

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Tom heavily reshaped the cage uppers and adjusted bar locations of an AMT cup chassis to fit the Camro body. He also fully reconfigured the interior tin to properly fit the F-body contours. He also fitted a resin fuel cell, seat, and wheels from Fred's Resin Workshop. The only suspension modifications were to shorten the shocks and relocate the rear axle about 1/8 inch rear-ward and create a longer drive shaft from aluminum tubing. Bare metal interior surfaces are painted with Alcad II over a gloss black base. SnJ polishing powder enhances the metal look. Bare Metal Foil covers the radiator shroud, windshield trim, front scoop, and exterior metal pieces. Rear tires are from the cup kit, and front tires are from an AMT PC-6 indy car kit.