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#10 -- Rich Wilson's Trans Am Tempest "The Gray Ghost"

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The Scale Coachworks resin Tempest body was clean and very well done but needed further detailing of the gas fillers on both of the rear quarter panels. Despite limited availability of research material Rich was able to acurately model the car with references supplied by our newsletter editor and resident Pontiac fanatic, Tim Sickle. Rich reasoned that Adams would probably not have wasted money on paint due to the grass roots nature of the car. So he opted to spray it with a factory 1964 Pontiac color, Silvermist Gray, from MCW.

Inside, Rich removed the rear seat and replicated the sheet metal structure that is normally hidden by it. He formed a roll bar from Evergreen rod to match the reference photos he had. He used a steering wheel from a mid-1970's Firebird TA. He also modified the 1966 GTO donor kit's dash. He selected from his parts box a driver's seat that matched his reference photos and removed all the window cranks and arm rests.