Marcos Cruz' 1962 Ford Thunderbird

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One driving goal behind Cruz' build up of this AMT 1962 Ford Thunderbird was that he wanted to use the stripe decals that came with the kit. To him this meant he had to paint the car in a color that would compliment the decals an not not claash. After thoroughly preparing the body with lots of primer and sanding, he coated it with "wet n wild" brand Purple nail polish. Cruz applied the clear coat after applying the decals so he could bury them in the gloss and make them appear to be fully integrated into the paint after polishing.

Cruz fabricated the bullets on the Bob Dudek machined aluminum sombrero wheel covers by painting some half-round craft beads that he got from Micheal's Craft store with Alclad II. You can just see the aluminum exhaust tips peeking out below the rear bumper.