Kevin Kovach's Ford Bronco

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Like many of us gearheads, Kevin felt the need to find a place to display his stickers, in scale anyway. He found an excellent canvas on the underside of his Bronco's removable top.

Kevin's Grandfather Emil once related to me the story of a Mercedes model he'd build many years ago. When his son Kenny was just a child he played with it and broke it. Emil held on to all the pieces and years later as a young adult, Kenny restored the model to display condition. Then the old adage, "Like Father, Like Son" kicked in and a very young Kevin found and played with that same Mercedes, with the same results. You get one guess as to who is now preparing to restore it.

Kevin sends his thanks to his father and grandfather for getting him involved in the model car hobby and for introducing him to the Maryland Automotive Modelers Association. MAMA thanks them, too.