Design Philosophy of this Web Site

Notes from the Black Seal Design Group

  • All internal site links will open in the current browser window. This way your browser's "Back" button will always work while you are on the site.
  • Links to other sites will open in new tabs, so you can just close them and be right back where you were in our site.
  • This site is designed to dynamically resize itself to fit your browser window.
  • We've restricted the use of JavaScripts to those which will not break the site if they fail to work or if your browser does not support JavaScripting.
  • We've tried to be mindful of those using TTY-readers by defining alt messages for graphics where appropriate and by blanking them out (alt="") where appropriate.
  • We've tried to keep to a minimum and to optimize all the graphic elements so that download times won't be infuriatingly long for those using dial-up modems.
  • We've tried to ensure that navigating your way around the site is easy, easy, easy.
  • We've tried to have some light-hearted, thematic fun with it and hope you enjoy it too.